J. Werner Production, LLC supplies all of the necessary equipment to transform or augment your selected venue, including; sound systems, lighting packages, video projection and recording systems, power distribution and generators, staging, crowd control barricade, backline, and many other production related components.


After an initial consultation, our internal production team will:  


- Create a custom stage design or room aesthetic that best displays the client’s intended vision, while meeting all standard safety ratings and guidelines.


- Assess production needs and properly estimate costs to provide the audio, lighting, and video equipment that is necessary to accommodate any artist riders or other necessary technical specifications based on the performance or venue.


- Provide qualified, friendly, event staffing including; Production and Stage Managers, Audio and Video Engineers, Lighting Designers, and Backline Technicians, who have years of experience in their roles, and accomplish their jobs safely and efficiently.


- Ultimately, please your artists and audience making the event a positive experience for everyone involved.


From the initial design phase through the duration of the event, we work closely with our clients to be sure their intended concept is conveyed beautifully, while remaining within budget.

J. Werner Production, LLC